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Geocoin and Geopatch Activation - Step 1


Want to start tracking your new Geocoin or Geopatch? This is the place to get started!

In order to activate and track your coin or patch you need two things:

  • The tracking number
  • The activation code

By giving us the tracking number, we will give you the activation code. The code is then entered into the web site.

Getting the tracking number is easy; it's printed on the back of your coin or front of your patch and consists of six letters or numbers. Once you have found it, enter it into the box below.

Tracking Number:

Note that you can only request the activation code for this specific coin or patch once! This is to stop anyone else from activating your coin or patch.

When we give you the activation code, print the page or write it down.

Click on Continue to proceed to step 2.

Example Geocoin

Supported Coins And Patches
Frozen Bone 2006
78 Tour - Ile De France
Regions of Germany - Set I
Walpurgis Night 2006
Regions of Germany - Set II
Forum Treverorum: Hanna Charity
Regions of Germany - Set II
Saman Personal Geocoin
Slovak Geocoin
Walpurgis Night 2007
Czech 2007 Geocoin
Portugal 2007 Geocoin
Proving Trail Award Geocoin
Proving Trail Geocoin
Parisii Geocoin
Walpurgis Night 2008
MallorGeo 2008
Stadtmeisterschaft 2008 Hannover
Traveling Cacher Geopatch
-=AH5=- GEOPOLY Award Geocoin
TREFF HOTEL Panorama Geocoin
GEOPOLY Token Geocoin
Proving Trail Geocoin
Stadtmeisterschaft 2009 OWL Geocoin
Mr. Pete Geocoin
Walpurgis Night 2009
Mapamundi Geocoin
Mapamundi XXL Geocoin
Georattler Geocoin
Hildesheim Geocoin
Cacher's Paradise Fan
50. Hannover Event Geocoin
VikingTwareg's Southern Cross Series
GPS Festival
Thueringer Bratwurst Geocoin
Cacher's Best Friend Tag
MalloGeo 2010 Spinning Geocoin
TB-Run Racing Tag
Walpurgis 2010 Geocoin
Cachathon Germanicum